Areas of Practice

Law of the Internet

Mr. Wittenberg has been involved with the law of the Internet since 1995, and formerly was part-owner of an Internet service provider in Columbus, Ohio. He has worked with Internet service providers, Web hosting companies, Web design firms, and electronic commerce companies. He is familiar with the legal, regulatory, and business issues associated with the Internet. Corporate Law and Business Planning

Mr. Wittenberg has represented small businesses in Central Ohio for nearly 20 years. He has handled many business transactions, including negotiating and drafting contracts, handling the purchase and sale of businesses, and business planning and formation. He currently serves as general counsel for many companies in Central Ohio.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes parties are unable to resolve their disputes without recourse to the courts. Mr. Wittenberg has extensive trial experience, and has tried cases before many courts in the State of Ohio. He has also argued a number of cases before the Tenth District Court of Appeals, and has practiced in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. He has extensive experience with the enforcement of covenants not to compete, and with the protection of trade secrets and trademark and copyright rights. He has also represented a number of construction contractors in both court-based litigation and in arbitration proceedings. Mr. Wittenberg has been involved in numerous disputes among shareholders of closely-held shareholders. He has done commercial collections for a variety of clients.

Foreclosure Defense

Just because your home has gone into foreclosure doesn't mean that you have no rights and no way to fight back. There are numerous defenses available to homeowners, and we are experienced in handling these cases. We understand the many legal nuances involved in these challenging cases, and we have tools at our disposal that will help us to help you find a better way out of the seemingly hopeless jam that most homeowners believe the nightmare of foreclosure to be. We may not be able to save your house, but we may very well be able to help you engineer a better resolution. Let us try to help. We charge an initial consultation fee to determine what your situation might be, and then we provide you with ideas about how you might be able to mitigate the situation and achieve a better resolution.

Media and Publishing Law

As a published author and publisher himself, Mr. Wittenberg is familiar with the world of book and magazine publishing, copyright law, and the challenges facing authors and publishers in today's high-technology environment. Mr. Wittenberg can assist with publishing contracts, copyright issues, and other associated situations facing authors and publishers.

Employment Law

Mr. Wittenberg is experienced in advising employers with respect to all aspects of employment law, which runs the gamut from drafting employee handbooks to representing employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. We can help develop policies and procedures, and we can help employers avoid costly pitfalls. Mr. Wittenberg is experienced with employment litigation, and can assist in that venue as well.

Real Estate and Construction Law

Mr. Wittenberg advises and represents clients in real estate transactions, including residential and commercial real estate transactions, leasing, construction, and financing. Mr. Wittenberg also works closely with a title agency and has resources available to help close transactions. Mr. Wittenberg has years of experience in handling construction claims work, representing both owners and construction contractors. That includes drafting and negotiating contracts, preparing and prosecuting mechanic's liens, and other advising both owners and contractors. Although avoidance of litigation is always preferable, sometimes it cannot be avoided. When it is inevitable, experience counts. Mr. Wittenberg has extensive experience in handling real estate and construction disputes.

Professional Photographers

Professional photographers have their own unique business and intellectual property issues to tackle. There are many issues that arise, including questions about the ownership of copyright, contractual issues, and other sticky areas. Mr. Wittenberg has worked with a number of professional photographers over the years, and is familiar with the unique issues faced by professional photographers. He can help photographers with developing good, enforceable contracts, help them to understand the sticky copyright issues that they face, and can assist with making your photography business successful.

Family and Domestic Law

Family and Domestic law is often one of the most emotionally charged and difficult for clients to work through. When going through a family or domestic law situation is it important to have an attorney that will listen and can understand your situation quickly and thoroughly. Contact us for your free initial consultation for any of the following issues:

  • Divorce
  • Dissolution
  • Civil Protection Orders
  • Child Custody/Parenting/Visitation
  • Guardian Ad Litem services
  • Child Support
  • Establishment of Parentage
  • Pre-Nuptial/Antenuptial Agreements
  • Motions for Contempt for failure to comply with agreements or orders
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